Have you ever rehearsed what you’re going to say during your most awaited first date with someone? Have you tried searching online for tips on what to ask during your first date? Or do you ever wonder if your usual date questions actually matter? If your answer is yes, yes, and yes, worry not. Everyone else thought about those at least once in their dating lifetime. Because first dates are important in deciding whether to continue seeing someone or not, let me share 15 questions that may help you on your first date.

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Of course, you won’t just throw every question you can think of at anytime during your date. Make sure that the timing is right. Be careful that you wouldn’t be known as the weirdest or most awkward date ever! Make an impression by considering your timing. Remember that a date will have the start, the middle, and the end.

Starting Line: Conversation Starters

Whether you know the person (an old friend) or not (someone you just met online), you should always have questions that would start the conversation.


  1. What made you decide to go out on a date with me?
    2. What do you enjoy doing recently?
    3. Are you a cat or a dog person?
    4. What food do you like?
    5. Do you have a nickname? What would you want me to call you?


Remember to ask simple and not-so-personal questions just yet (not unless you already know each other for awhile and it simply took you some time to ask the person out!) Test the waters first before jumping in.

At the Middle: Carry On

Now, you’ve gone through the nerve-wrecking phase of your first date. It’s time to stay on this track with some of these questions.

6. Are you in to music or theater?

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7. What movie would you watch over and over and over again?
8. What is your favorite place in the world?
9. How do you spend your friday nights?
10. Do you have anything on your bucket list you haven’t crossed out yet?


This is the time to ask anything you are curious about. Get to know each other deeper!

Finish Line: Certainty

Somewhere in this phase of your first date, you may have figured out if you’d like to see your date again. Whether you are hoping for another date or you just wanna make sure that he/she enjoyed your company, you may ask any of these questions:

  1. Would you want to have some coffee another time?
  2. Did you enjoy the day/night?
  3. Is there anything you want go to the next time?
  4. Would you want to see a movie next time?
  5. Will we see each other again?

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The best question when it comes to first dates is not the one that you ask the other person. It is something that you ask yourself. What would you like your first date to be? Everything else would depend on your answer. Remember that there is no first date manual that tells us exactly what to do or to ask. You do not need to be so planned out with your script. Just let the conversation flow naturally. If you want to know something, ask away. There are no rules. However, don’t try to make yourself be remembered as the weirdest and most awkward person anyone has ever dated!

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