Tinder. OKCupid. Badoo. These are just a few of the most popular websites for online dating. According to the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center last 2016, 15% of all the adult American population has tried online dating once in their lives. It is undeniably possible that the popularity of online dating is on fire.

Fishing in the Vast Ocean of Matches

Online dating is very similar to shopping. You have endless options to pick from. The cool thing about this type of dating is that you won’t think twice to reject someone if you don’t really like that person.


You met him/her online. If you haven’t dated that individual in person, then, you haven’t invested much in that presupposed relationship. That person is just one of the other online people you randomly messaged in the hope of finding THE ONE.

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Closing the Gap to Meet Your ‘The One’

It is really exciting to keep on swiping right and left, messaging prospective love interests, introducing yourself and meeting new people without the hassle of going out of the house. You won’t even need to dress up and put makeup on. That’s the magic of online dating.

But the challenge is in knowing whether the perfect match you have been chatting day and night with is really your match in the non-digital world.

How would you know if that person is ‘the one’?

These simple yet effective tips will help you swim through the vast ocean of prospective lovers and choose the one who is a perfect match for you.


  • Make a wish list. You read it right. Make a wish list of all the characteristics and types of personality that you want from your perfect match. This will save you time in choosing and entertaining people in your life.
  • Ask for photos. I know that photos can be easily photoshopped but it won’t hurt to try to have an idea of what they look like. You might say that you are really not into the looks and that you are more into the personality of the person. Trust me, you still want to know what that person looks like.


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  • Don’t get too attached easily.  You have to assume that the other person you are chatting with for several nights also has other people messaging him or her from the initial conversations before you. Don’t get too comfortable until you meet each other in person.
  • Keep score. Don’t pretend that you are an angel who only talks to people one at a time. Online dating doesn’t work like that. People will want to maximize their chances to find their potential match online, so most probably, collecting people as prospects is common. Make sure that you don’t mix and match those individuals that you really like with those who are barely passing your standards. That could be a real bummer.
  • Don’t waste your time playing tag to meet in person. You don’t expect to start a relationship that evolves around one person in the online world. If you can’t get that someone to do a meet-up after chatting for a few weeks, then, don’t bother. Move on to somebody who is more interested and more willing to meet you in person. You can’t be intimate with someone who can’t meet you face to face, right?


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Now you know five easy tips to always keep in mind for online dating. Next time you open your online dating profiles, make sure to implement these tips. You might find your perfect match sooner than you expected.

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