Frequently Asked Questions About Behavioral Therapy for Me and My Partner

We often see our partners as people who we can rely on. Confiding our partners’ mental illnesses can be challenging but signifies our trust and willingness to make things work. Sometimes, if unmanaged, these conditions can create rifts of misunderstanding.

Having empathy and educating our partners about existing conditions can help most of the time. But in some cases, navigating this path successfully can be trickier than expected.


Even if your relationship is great in terms of understanding, you shouldn’t expect your partner to heal you. Seeking help from a professional is ideal and better in the long run.

Behavioral therapy is something you can look into. Used to treat a wide range of conditions such as anxiety to eating disorders, this technique aims to reinforce good behavior and minimize harmful ones.

Behavioral therapy reframes how you react to certain situations and triggers. By modifying and altering your response, it’s possible to eliminate the behaviors causing issues. It is widely used for stress and anger management due to its action-focused nature.

Behavioral therapy can be used in relationships to solve over dependency and communication problems that are commonly destructive.

Depending on your situation, behavioral therapy can focus on an individual or your relationship as a whole. If you are considering behavioral therapy for you or your partner, here are some frequently asked questions about this.

What does a child behavioral therapist do?

A child behavioral therapist assists children to overcome self-destructive behaviors and encourage desired cognitive abilities. They have expertise in the emotional, academic, social, and behavioral aspects of a child’s development.

Aside from that, they also teach the parents how to cope with their child’s behavior and develop strategies that will help them solve problems in the comforts of their home.

How much schooling do you need to be a behavioral therapist?

Behavioral therapists require 8 to 10 years of schooling. The first requirement is a bachelor’s degree in psychology or other related fields. Once you have earned this, you may start practicing as a behavioral disorder counselor.

You may take your master’s degree in counseling or psychology while being a counselor, which is a prerequisite to being a behavioral therapist. After schooling, you may work towards your license by serving 2,000 to 4,000 hours of clinical experience.

What is an example of a behavioral approach?

A behavioral approach focuses on how an external factor becomes a stimulus in a person’s mental health growth and development. The most common examples of a behavioral approach are positive and negative reinforcements.

In positive reinforcements, people observe the behavior change when an external environment offers reward or recognition. On the other hand, negative reinforcements focus on how punishments can affect someone’s actions.

When should I see a behavioral therapist?

Certain signs will determine whether you should see a behavioral therapist. First, it’s better to seek a professional’s help when you’re having difficulty regulating your feelings and emotions, especially when you see that your anger and irritability already affect the people around you.

The second is poor performance in school or work. Serious mental health problems can result in decreased productivity due to impaired attention, lack of focus, and low energy levels.

What are signs of behavioral problems?

Behavioral problems can be noticeable through various signs, including agitation, alcohol and drug abuse, carelessness, the flatness of emotion, unusual talkativeness, and anger.  You may also notice increased temper tantrums, blaming other people, easily getting nervous, or continually questioning authority.


How is behavioral disorder treated?

Intensive research in the past decades showed that behavioral disorders have no definite cure. However, this can easily be managed through cognitive behavioral therapy treatment (CBT), also known as talk therapy.

This treatment requires a patient to serve hour-long sessions for the therapist to touch deep-level understanding and emotions. Its primary goal is to help clients eliminate negative feelings and thoughts and develop tailored strategies to cope with destructive impulse behaviors and actions.

What are behavioral issues in adults?

Behavioral issues in adults often include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. The most common behavioral problem for adults is anxiety, often due to the stressful environment at home and work.

If left untreated, anxiety disorders can evolve into a deeper level of worry and fear. This extreme emotion may interfere with daily activities like schoolwork, social relationships, and job performance.

Is ADHD a behavioral disorder?

ADHD is the most common behavioral disorder diagnosed in children. It revolves around being overactive, difficulty in focusing, inability to control action and behavior, or even a combination of all of these.

Those individuals experiencing less disruptive behaviors are considered to have attention deficit disorder or ADD. Those on the extreme side, however, are most likely diagnosed with ADHD.

What causes the emotional, behavioral disorder?

Biological factors and social environments cause emotional, behavioral disorders. Brain chemical imbalances make managing emotions more challenging. These natural factors stem from different body issues such as brain damage, physical disability, prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs, hereditary factors, or a malnourished lifestyle.

Social environments are also a big thing when it comes to emotional, behavioral disorders. A person’s home life, school situation, work environment, and peer problems may also cause emotional disturbance.

There are no perfect relationships. Loving someone means seeing each other through even the ugly moments. Instead of seeing mental illness as a burden, view it as a test of commitment in your relationship. Giving up may seem easy, but taking action to adjust will lead to growth.


Behavioral issues you or your partner have present problems to your relationship. Unresolved anger issues, depression, and anxiety can evolve into something worse. Signs such as bursts of anger, always blaming your partner, and jealousy may seem small at first but build up over time.

The journey of working on your problems isn’t easy. You don’t have to be alone, though. Your partner can give you another perspective.

Although behavioral therapy is a useful and effective tool, it isn’t always the best course of action. Remember to consult a professional for the best course of action for you or your partner.

Acknowledging problems that you or your partner brought into the relationship is a hard but necessary step. Showing commitment also means confiding conditions you have when entering a serious long-term relationship.

Seeking therapy such as behavioral therapy is another brave step towards taking care of yourself. This eventually translates to making your relationship better and stronger.

Real Or Fake? How To Spot Posers In The Online Dating World

In the 2019 Book Event, people met to exchange books and to forge connections with people who share the same passion. Attending events is an excellent way to meet someone new. But there’s another method that’s easier and more accessible for anyone with an internet connection – online dating. 

Online dating apps and sites allow us to meet and connect with people from almost anywhere in the world. However, not all people you’ll chance upon online are who they tell you to be; they may not even be real. To avoid wasting time on people who are not even real, here are some tell-tale signs of a poser in the online dating sphere.



One of the signs that a profile is fake is the lack of photos. Posers know that stealing lots of photos online will be difficult, so they often stick to one to a few pictures with generic poses. Sometimes, their photos may even look like a stock photo! A quick Google reverse image search can help you spot a faker.


Another tell-tale sign of a poser profile is the lack of details. Yes, sometimes, people would say that putting everything on their profile takes away the fun in the first conversations. But, an empty profile is like an online product marketed without copy – untrustworthy. So, before you even swipe right, check the profile. If it gives out nothing more than the name, steer clear of that account.



The online dating world connects us to people all around the world. And granted, they may not all be that good in English; however, they’re still unlikely to be that bad in writing. One of the things you should look out for is bad grammar and poor spelling, especially for profiles with an American picture.


If the person you’re chatting with avoids video chatting with you, then their profile is likely fake. Generic excuses like weak internet connection and broken cameras are flimsy reasons not to talk with you especially since most people have camera phones.


There are always dangers in meeting people, be it online or in events. So be aware not to get tangled in a web of lies. Keep your wit and be a smart online dater!

Things People Learned From Speed Dating

A few years ago, a 2017 writers event where publishers, authors, agents, and editors gathered for the 2017 Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference. It is an avenue to meet people who share the same passion in writing, where they get to learn and acquire new skills, gather advice, and build connections. It is quite like going into speed dating and finding more than just romance after attending. Here are some things to learn:

It’s Not A Job Interview

When singles try out speed dating for the first time, they tend to overthink. They sometimes try to “practice” before the event. These people plan out what to say, how to react during a conversation, and have a general idea of how they want things to go.

However, when they do these things, they’re treating speed dating like a job interview. This kind of thinking is wrong. Presenting yourself as a partner should happen organically. People shouldn’t have to try to sell themselves like potential employees. If someone likes you, it should be because they feel naturally drawn to you.


It’ll Make You Less Picky

Outside of organized dating, most people will tend only to approach someone who’s their “type.” At speed dating events, however, you’ll be exposing yourself to people of different backgrounds, interests, and qualities.

Participants said that they were able to meet others whom they would have never met outside of a controlled environment. They said they became less picky of people they liked. It just shows that you never really know who you’re going to click with unless you talk to them. Your “type” may be the bookish, brooding guy in the corner, but you’ll be surprised when talking to the energetic jock.

You Might Find Love of a Different Type

Most people come to an event hoping to find romance and leave having found friendship instead. Participants reported that even though it didn’t work out romantically with those they met, they remained as good friends. Likewise, many female event-goers would exchange information with other women so they could stay in touch. Such an occurrence wasn’t likely to take place when it came to men.


What Speed Dating Can Teach Us

As it turns out, organized dating events have more benefits than we think. It teaches us that love is not a job interview, and we have to be ourselves. Moreover, we have to loosen up and learn to be less picky with potential partners. Lastly, romance isn’t the only thing we can gain. We can also form friendships with the people we meet.

How Lupus Affects Your Dating Attitude 



Lupus is a mischievous disease, won’t you agree? It can suck your energy without warning, to the point that you have to cancel on essential meetings. There may also be days when you feel depressed and not responsive to the affection that others are giving to you. As a result, it might push a loved one out of your life. 

That kind of scenario can undoubtedly leave you jaded emotionally and mentally. The disease has an impact on your dating attitude too, for sure.  

It Lowers Your Confidence Level 

When you carry this condition, you will often lose control of your weight. The numbers on the weighing scale may rise and fall, and the illness might prevent you from achieving your ideal weight. Your once-thick mane may begin to thin out as well at a fast rate. The rash may spread all over, while swelling may affect your joints and lower body. Moreover, the longer you experience such symptoms, the more your self-esteem may suffer because of lupus. 

As you probably know, a dip in confidence can increase anyone’s inability to talk to others. Combined with the knowledge that your disorder is a lifetime thing, you may decide against going out and avoiding any involvement with someone, regardless of how special he may be. 





It Makes You Want To Lie 

Lupus may also make you feel as if lying is better than telling your date that you have an incurable disease. Instead of being truthful about why you suddenly do not have the energy to go out, you come up with an alibi to cover up the fact that it’s a symptom of the illness. Furthermore, when the guy asks whether you are okay or not, you try to be chirpy and act like it’s nothing. 

Well, lupus is entirely somethingIt is not wise to hide it from your love interest because: 1) he might feel betrayed once he finds out, and 2) you should know sooner than later if he will not run away due to your disorder. Besides, honesty is the only thing that can save you from heartbreaks, so it matters to practice it most of the time. 

It Causes You To Be Choosy 

Have you heard the phrase ‘collect and select’? It means that a single person has to date as many people as possible, and then choose the best one in the end.  

Although the plan sounds simple, it will inevitably pave a path for heartbreaks here and there. The stress that goes with that may even worsen your condition. Thus, it is not surprising if you become pickier compared with the other females out there when it comes to the men you agree to enter your life. 




Just A Piece Of Advice 

Dating is not impossible even when a tricky disease like lupus gets on your way. You can do it. You can find a man who will see the real you and will not mind supporting you during your weakest moments. It may admittedly be a challenging task, but don’t all princesses encounter some frogs before they meet their princes? 

Chin up, missy, and choose well. Good luck with your dating life! 

How To Be On The Top Of Your Game In The Dating App World


Believe it or not, you can now hire someone who can help you with perfecting your tinder profiles and other dating platforms. She makes the process so much more comfortable for a person. She meets up with a potential client of her services. Ask questions and get to know them. After which, she will handle your account and does the nitty gritty stuff such as profile making, swiping and messaging until the first date.

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Newborn Hacks For Mommy And Daddy 

After taking care of your baby inside you for nine months, more or less, it is now time for your little creature to experience the real world. If you are a first-time mom or dad, you probably enrolled in all the possible prenatal classes there are around your area so that you can be fully prepared when this special time has come.  



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Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 2


As promised, here is Part 2 of Teaching Your Teen About Dating. The first part of this topic was about three lessons which involved lesson one, dating basics within your family or which is acceptable for everyone; lesson two was about preparing before a date, and lesson three was learning about the proper behavior of a teen during the date.

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Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 1



As your kid grows older, he or she will form new relationships with his or her peers. They will eventually explore the world of dating and the next thing you know, they are already in love. Do not be worried when the time comes for as early as now, while they are still teens, you can teach them all about dating.

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5 Signs You’re Ready To Go Back To The Dating Scene

Finding your soulmate is more of a serendipitous occurrence than it is a mission. But sometimes, you need to put yourself out there and take matters into your hands. After all, you will be with them for the rest of your lives. If you don’t want to end up shattering your dream of building a beautiful and loving family, you will need to be regardful of the people you choose to date.

If you’ve broken up with an ex, you’d feel as if getting back to the dating scene is a big challenge. Remember not to let that fear stop you from attaining true happiness. Your past relationships may have failed, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet your right partner.

Whether you’re ready or a bit doubtful, it’s understandable. You need help answering the question in your head, “Do I need to meet someone new?”

Here are five signs that tell you’re READY to go back to the dating scene:

You’ve Flushed Out Feelings Of Bitterness

Humans are naturally subject to feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and bitterness; more often than not, humans attract these negative feelings after ending a serious relationship with someone. Think about it. How can someone whom you’ve been with for so long hurt you and leave you all alone? This common “after break-up question” haunts different people.


People who are mature enough to accept that reality doesn’t work that way will know that pain is part of the process and it is something one should let go. But for others who want to hang onto their “justified rage,” they tend to hold onto the bitterness and anger for a long time.

If you noticed that you stopped keeping tabs on whatever your ex is doing or whomever he or she is dating, making comments whenever a mutual friend brings up a topic related to him or her, praying for karma to hit him or her, and letting him or her consume your daily thoughts, then congratulations! You’ve let go of the baggage of bitterness, and you are ready to date again.

You’ve Become Aware Of The “Right Reasons”

It is not uncommon for people to date just because they’re scared to be lonely, and they want to have some fun in their life. Everyone goes through a period of immaturity, and sometimes it is extended to romantic relationships.

If there’s one takeaway from your past relationship, you should be with the person who will be with you in the long run. You need to stop “collecting” partners. Start being with the person who will love you unconditionally. Be with someone who will grow with you, and support you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself—career-wise and character-wise.

If you’ve realized that you should stop getting into a relationship just for the fun of it and start working on something that can stand the test of time, go back to the dating scene and meet your “candidate” partners!

You Want To Meet Someone New

“Moving on” is different from “getting back out there.” The former means accepting how things turned out with a previous partner. The latter means putting yourself back on the front lines and risk getting your heart broken again. You are probably done with the emotional rollercoaster and have learned to love yourself more and be happy on your own.

If your instinct tells you to meet someone new, it’s most likely because you are finally ready. You are not looking to find someone who can fill the void. You are happy, and you want to be with someone. Even if you rid yourself of the negativities of the past relationship, remember to take things slowly. Remember to enjoy the beauty of dating.


You’ve Learned To Love And Accept Yourself

Many say that “No one will love you until you love yourself.” It is probably a lie, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you in your quest to find “The One.” Learning to love and accept yourself is a significant milestone in life—for you and your partner—because it is a long journey that not everyone can simply complete.

If you see yourself as someone who is worthy of love, affection, and happiness, it will make you more appealing and more confident in your skin. It will also help you love more and attract positivity into your new relationship.


You Live In Hope That You’ll Be With The Right Partner Soon

Looking to the future with excitement is one major sign that you are ready to get back to the dating scene. People who are not will feel anxiety, stress, and sometimes fear. It will paralyze them and prevent them from meeting new people—their potential partners.

If you are happy, free, and emotionally well, it’s time.

Not everyone can easily transition from the moving-on stage to the dating phase, so if deep inside, you feel like you want to meet someone new,  it’s probably your heart telling you to go for it and date new people.

5 Things You Should Understand Before Dating Someone With Panic Attack 

It is not a person’s choice to have a condition that may hinder some essential things in life such as work and relationships. Mental health issues like anxiety and panic attacks can be challenging and life-changing as they make a person adjust with the limitations they bring.


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