Real Or Fake? How To Spot Posers In The Online Dating World

In the 2019 Book Event, people met to exchange books and to forge connections with people who share the same passion. Attending events is an excellent way to meet someone new. But there’s another method that’s easier and more accessible for anyone with an internet connection – online dating. 

Online dating apps and sites allow us to meet and connect with people from almost anywhere in the world. However, not all people you’ll chance upon online are who they tell you to be; they may not even be real. To avoid wasting time on people who are not even real, here are some tell-tale signs of a poser in the online dating sphere.



One of the signs that a profile is fake is the lack of photos. Posers know that stealing lots of photos online will be difficult, so they often stick to one to a few pictures with generic poses. Sometimes, their photos may even look like a stock photo! A quick Google reverse image search can help you spot a faker.


Another tell-tale sign of a poser profile is the lack of details. Yes, sometimes, people would say that putting everything on their profile takes away the fun in the first conversations. But, an empty profile is like an online product marketed without copy – untrustworthy. So, before you even swipe right, check the profile. If it gives out nothing more than the name, steer clear of that account.



The online dating world connects us to people all around the world. And granted, they may not all be that good in English; however, they’re still unlikely to be that bad in writing. One of the things you should look out for is bad grammar and poor spelling, especially for profiles with an American picture.


If the person you’re chatting with avoids video chatting with you, then their profile is likely fake. Generic excuses like weak internet connection and broken cameras are flimsy reasons not to talk with you especially since most people have camera phones.


There are always dangers in meeting people, be it online or in events. So be aware not to get tangled in a web of lies. Keep your wit and be a smart online dater!

How To Be On The Top Of Your Game In The Dating App World


Believe it or not, you can now hire someone who can help you with perfecting your tinder profiles and other dating platforms. She makes the process so much more comfortable for a person. She meets up with a potential client of her services. Ask questions and get to know them. After which, she will handle your account and does the nitty gritty stuff such as profile making, swiping and messaging until the first date.

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How I Met My Boyfriend – Online Dating Tips And More


I met my boyfriend, Adam, in a dating app. At first, I was hesitant to use it because of all the scary stuff that you hear about “weirdos” and “jerkboys” in these free social connection sites. But my friend advised me to get a membership and pay the monthly dues. It is highly likely that I find someone with a credit card (meaning he has work) since he will be using it to pay for the monthly fee, as well.

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 How To Get Over Your First-Date Jitters



They say first impressions last, so you’ll want to make a good one. If you’re worried about hitting the mark, here are some tips to help you prepare for that first date.


Set the mood.

Even before you meet up with your date, try to set the mood for yourself. Take time to really prepare for the date. Take a relaxing warm shower or bath. Play some feel-good music and dance around your room a little.

Pump yourself up by talking to some friends who will be encouraging. Try to figure out how to get yourself excited about the date instead of thinking about what could go wrong.


Have realistic expectations.



Forget about the dozens of romantic comedies you’ve seen. Hollywood has set the bar unrealistically high. Go easy on yourself – and your date – by setting realistic expectations. The conversation doesn’t have to be non-stop.

Some silence in between is completely normal and doesn’t necessarily mean your date is bored. Some slip-ups or mistakes are perfectly fine. Sometimes, these can make the night even more memorable. It’s important to remember that everything doesn’t have to go perfectly smoothly.


Practice having casual conversations.

 If you feel anxious over the thought of small talk and conversing, try practicing before your big date. Strike up a conversation with someone at the park or your local barista. Finding your rhythm and knowing what you can easily talk about will be a great help.

If you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself, try to focus on what interests you about the other person. Once you’ve figured that out, ask more about it. Another tip is to listen to what other people ask you about. Use those questions as a guide and maybe you can ask your date the same things.


See it in a different light.



Don’t see it as a make-or-break date. Try thinking of it as making a new friend, at the very least. This will help with worries you might have about messing up. Try to imagine you’re just talking to a friend. Let yourself relax around them and don’t think about worst-case scenarios. Try to put your mindset into thinking of it as something you’re already comfortable with.

Another way to look at a first date is that it’ll never be a losing situation. You’re getting into this date as a single individual. At best, you make a good connection and a second date. At worst, you’ve gained new experiences and know more about what you’re looking for in a person.


Don’t over-analyze the date afterward.

Don’t beat yourself up over stuttering when you spoke about your job. Don’t stress over forgetting a detail about your date. These things happen. Owning up to your mistakes are important but replaying them over and over in your head helps nobody.

If you make a slip-up, apologize and move on. Laugh and maybe make a joke out of it. Don’t hold onto the mistakes you might have made. Thinking about them too much will not bring you back in time to prevent you from making them.

Things are over and done with already. Learn from them but also move on. Remember that everyone also gets nervous and can make slip-ups too.


Conversation Starter:  A Guide To Never Running Out Of Topics To Discuss On A Date


It is so awkward being on a date and not knowing what to talk about. The silence that fills the spaces and not knowing what to say to fill it up can be so uncomfortable.  It is easy to run out of things to talk about when you meet someone for the first time.

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Online Dating: Yes Or No


Would you be willing to go out on a date with someone you met online? Would you register on a dating website to find love? Do you think true love can be found through the internet?

In this age and time, when it has become so hard to meet new people maybe because of work, career or just life, online dating offers an easy way to meet new people. Online dating has created opportunities to meet diverse people where ordinarily there was none – you were just limited to your small circle.

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5 Tips On Finding Your Match Online

Tinder. OKCupid. Badoo. These are just a few of the most popular websites for online dating. According to the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center last 2016, 15% of all the adult American population has tried online dating once in their lives. It is undeniably possible that the popularity of online dating is on fire.

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Tips For Safe Online Dating


In the early appearance of the internet, every person was warned never to meet anybody from the internet. There was this misconception that every person on the internet was a murderer, a thief, a cheat or a serial killer.

Presently, online dating has become fun and is no longer seen as strange; people are beginning to embrace it as normal. Some people have even gone ahead to have long lasting relationships that led to marriage with partners they met online. A recent survey in shows that one in five people in a committed relationship, and one in six people married during the last three years, met their partners on the internet.

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Dating Profile: How To Stand Out Among The Rest

Online dating is very common these days, but the success rate on meeting a person that you can connect with online is slim to none. The reason for that is because a lot of dating profiles are a bunch of lies. People think that they are meeting with a “perfect-for-them” person, and yet it turns out to be a sham.

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