It is so awkward being on a date and not knowing what to talk about. The silence that fills the spaces and not knowing what to say to fill it up can be so uncomfortable.  It is easy to run out of things to talk about when you meet someone for the first time.

For first dates, the perfect conversations can make or mark your chances of getting another date, so it’s important that you have an idea of interesting discussion topics, so you don’t run out of what to discuss with your dates.

Some people find it easy to impress their dates with everything, their knowledge, their conversation skills, and their humor, while some others find it difficult.

To avoid awkward silences in your conversation, you need ice breakers, light-hearted questions, questions that dig deeper and funny antidotes.

So here is a mini guide to save you from those uncomfortable silences.


We have this common habit of wanting to filter what we say to strangers. It limits the available topics to talk about. When trying to say something, we first think about how cool or personal it might be so we just don’t say it, and it ends up killing our conversation skills. To help the conversation, do not filter. Just be careful about not saying anything that will lead you to jail. Be free, stop being afraid of being judged and just say what you want to say or ask without being offensive.

React with interest during a conversation. People want to talk more when they see that they have a listener who is engrossed in their conversation.  Be expressive with words or facial gestures to show that you are interested in what they are saying. It would make them talk more, and it would help in sustaining the conversation.

Share stories. Every person is interested in a story and better if it is an exciting one that is available. The stories mustn’t be about you. You can share the experiences of your friends, people you know, or from television programs.


You just want to talk about yourself and all the things you think you have, thinking that it will make her want you more. Wrong! Perish that thought. Don’t be in a rush to talk about yourself. Allow a little bit of mystery. She will get curious and wonder about you. Your conversation should focus on her. People are happy when other people are interested in hearing them talk about themselves.

You can try the Snowball technique, where you ask her questions, and from her answer, you get ideas for more topics to discuss. Listen attentively to her for points to build on to keep the conversation going.

You can also use the FORD. Talk about Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. You may be shocked at the length of time the conversation can last by focusing on these themes. You can get follow-up questions from their replies.

When having a conversation on a date, it is important that you are confident. No need for being self-conscious. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to make a conversation last. You just need to be interested in the person, ready to listen and willing to ask questions, not asking questions in cold monotones but with enough emotions to show that you want to hear the answers. Go out there, practice having a conversation with strangers, with time, you become a pro at it and will have fewer awkward silences when on a date.

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