Online dating is very common these days, but the success rate on meeting a person that you can connect with online is slim to none. The reason for that is because a lot of dating profiles are a bunch of lies. People think that they are meeting with a “perfect-for-them” person, and yet it turns out to be a sham.

With this, how do we create a true-to-life dating profile that accentuates even our flaws and weaknesses?


Tip #1 – Ask help from friends.

When attempting to make a dating profile online, have a friend by your side. There are questions wherein your friend knows the answer better than you.

Tip #2 – Skip the cliché phrases.

It is boring to read people say – “sipping wine and eating cheese” or “reading a good book on my porch overlooking the ocean”. Even if it’s true, cliché phrases are old. Be direct and put something interesting which can be a topic of conversation on your possible date.

Tip #3 – Mention activities that can be done by a couple.

If you mention how much of a bookworm or an internet addict you are, then, you’re telling potential lovers that you are a loner. Instead, say that you’d love to spend time with someone who plays online games or that you’d appreciate someone who’s into watching movies or series – with you.

Tip #4 – Action shot photos are better profile pictures.

For your profile picture, action shots are much preferred than face pictures. Set it up with you playing the piano, swimming or skiing.

Tip #5 – Talk of positive things.

Say things that are positive about yourself. Don’t belittle yourself or give the other person a reason to think negatively about you.

Tip #6 – Honesty is the best policy.

Try to answer the questions as honestly as you can. Never ever lie, not even a small, white one.

Tip #7 – Be concrete and specific.

If you love to travel, put that in your profile with some notes on your favorite places to visit or the most memorable vacation you ever went to and why. Be specific and tell it straight.


Tip #8 – Keep your profile current.

Update regularly, if you must. Put in new information every now and then. It’s better that way than a picture of you from three years ago or your vacation to Africa five years prior.

Tip #9 – Grammar check is necessary.

People looking at your profile may get turned off if your grammar and spelling are “all over the place”. Check everything and edit before you post.

Tip #10 – Smile!

If you prefer a selfie profile picture, then, smile and show those pearly whites. The “duck face” or sexy pout is less likely to get friendly and serious messages from others.

Tip #11 – Recent photos only.

As mentioned earlier, update your profile regularly and post pictures that are recent. If photos are more than a year old, then, change it to newer ones.

Tip #12 – Keep it short.

There’s no need for you to tell your life story. Just put the important points on every question that you answer.

Tip #13 – Show your funny side.

People who are funny or who can make others laugh are more likely to get more responses.


Tip #14 – Focus on yourself.

Your profile picture must exude the real you.

Tip #15 – Summer photos are appealing for others.

If you have beautiful summer pictures, post them. Studies about online dating have shown that summery pics on dating profiles are getting much popularity.


These tips were formulated from studying successful dating profiles online. Hope these tips will help you in creating yours and wishing for a better outcome.

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