Every person dreams of having the perfect relationship – that fairy tale relationship where everything seems so magical, but the truth is that most people are not willing to put in the work that comes with having that fairy-tale-kind-of-love. Even in reality, there aren’t any relationships without mistakes, but there are some common mistakes couples can avoid to have a successful relationship. It is advisable to be aware of some of these challenges, so you catch them in time before they end up destroying your relationship.

 Taking your partner for granted: As relationships grow for months and years, there is this tendency to rest on your oars when it comes to doing those nice things you did for your partner in the early stage. You begin to feel so comfortable and sure of yourself that your partner isn’t going anywhere – only to wake up realizing that they are gone. When you see yourself falling into a situation like this, take time out to reflect on the importance of your partner in your life. Appreciate them for the blessings and laughter they bring to you. Thinking of all these pushes you into doing more to show them that you care and that you are interested in them.

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Not communicating enough: Communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship. You need to learn to talk often, share your feelings and air your grievances with your partner as soon as issues arise.  Discuss both minor and major things with your partner. Build an emotional connection by sharing your experiences, your joy, and your pain. Ask questions. Be interested in the things that affect your partner. When issues come up, rather than bottling it up and keeping silent, talk about it. Tell your partner how you feel. Don’t let problems fester in your heart until they escalate into bitterness and anger. Pent up emotions are always dangerous when they are finally released. It could lead you into saying things that might hurt your relationship.

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Not being supportive of your partner: When two people are in love, it is expected that they support each other. They support each other’s goals, dreams, jobs, decisions and then, push each other to achieve more. It is important that you are your partner’s number one cheerleader. You should encourage and motivate them to be better. When they are down or feel discouraged, you should be the one lifting them up and encouraging them. You should be an inspiration. People who are not interested or concerned about the dreams of their partners tend to lose their partners faster than those who cheer their partners up. Be interested in their business. Ask questions about their dreams or desires and bring up new ideas that can help them achieve their goals. Most importantly, be there for them.

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Not making time for each other: I know how busy life can get with career, trying to do the best in your job and looking for ways to achieve your goals. It can make you forget that it is necessary to make time for your relationship. Focusing on your career and then just giving your partner minutes of your time is not enough to make your relationship successful, you have to be willing to make your relationship a priority too.  Set aside some quality time for you and your partner to spend together, whether it’s going out on dates or just cuddling up at home and basically just having fun. If you must focus on your career without any distraction, then, there isn’t any need entering into a relationship. Relationships take work, and you must be willing to work.

Expecting too much: As human beings, we tend to expect perfection from others because we believe we will do better if we were in their shoes. Too much expectation from each other can destroy a relationship. Learn to be tolerant of some of their mistakes. No one is saying you should pretend they are perfect or turn a blind eye to the most terrible things, but just to learn to let go of some things. Everything shouldn’t become an issue.

Relationship goals didn’t become “relationship goals” overnight. The couples worked on their relationship to get it to the level. Thus, one must be willing to put in efforts to build a healthy relationship. You might not be able to avoid all these mistakes. Sometimes, you might find yourself making them, but this doesn’t mean you can’t retrace your steps and correct them. You can learn to become the best partner for your loved one. Just be willing to put in the work needed.

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