How Lupus Affects Your Dating Attitude 



Lupus is a mischievous disease, won’t you agree? It can suck your energy without warning, to the point that you have to cancel on essential meetings. There may also be days when you feel depressed and not responsive to the affection that others are giving to you. As a result, it might push a loved one out of your life. 

That kind of scenario can undoubtedly leave you jaded emotionally and mentally. The disease has an impact on your dating attitude too, for sure.  

It Lowers Your Confidence Level 

When you carry this condition, you will often lose control of your weight. The numbers on the weighing scale may rise and fall, and the illness might prevent you from achieving your ideal weight. Your once-thick mane may begin to thin out as well at a fast rate. The rash may spread all over, while swelling may affect your joints and lower body. Moreover, the longer you experience such symptoms, the more your self-esteem may suffer because of lupus. 

As you probably know, a dip in confidence can increase anyone’s inability to talk to others. Combined with the knowledge that your disorder is a lifetime thing, you may decide against going out and avoiding any involvement with someone, regardless of how special he may be. 





It Makes You Want To Lie 

Lupus may also make you feel as if lying is better than telling your date that you have an incurable disease. Instead of being truthful about why you suddenly do not have the energy to go out, you come up with an alibi to cover up the fact that it’s a symptom of the illness. Furthermore, when the guy asks whether you are okay or not, you try to be chirpy and act like it’s nothing. 

Well, lupus is entirely somethingIt is not wise to hide it from your love interest because: 1) he might feel betrayed once he finds out, and 2) you should know sooner than later if he will not run away due to your disorder. Besides, honesty is the only thing that can save you from heartbreaks, so it matters to practice it most of the time. 

It Causes You To Be Choosy 

Have you heard the phrase ‘collect and select’? It means that a single person has to date as many people as possible, and then choose the best one in the end.  

Although the plan sounds simple, it will inevitably pave a path for heartbreaks here and there. The stress that goes with that may even worsen your condition. Thus, it is not surprising if you become pickier compared with the other females out there when it comes to the men you agree to enter your life. 




Just A Piece Of Advice 

Dating is not impossible even when a tricky disease like lupus gets on your way. You can do it. You can find a man who will see the real you and will not mind supporting you during your weakest moments. It may admittedly be a challenging task, but don’t all princesses encounter some frogs before they meet their princes? 

Chin up, missy, and choose well. Good luck with your dating life!