How To Be On The Top Of Your Game In The Dating App World


Believe it or not, you can now hire someone who can help you with perfecting your tinder profiles and other dating platforms. She makes the process so much more comfortable for a person. She meets up with a potential client of her services. Ask questions and get to know them. After which, she will handle your account and does the nitty gritty stuff such as profile making, swiping and messaging until the first date.


Meet Meredith Golden. She boasts a 100 percent success rate which is pretty impressive. Since a lot of individuals using this app often have mishaps and troubles even to find a match which is really up to a relationship and not just on a particular booty call phase, it is best to ask her to give out tips on how to be on top of your game in the dating app world.

Don’t exclude people but instead talk about your interests and passions.

Filling your profile about your ideal man/ woman might inadvertently exclude people who fall short from your criteria. Moreover, some might view you as too intense and close up to look beyond your ideal. The best way to go about your profile is to share your interests and be genuine about it. Don’t be ashamed of what you enjoy doing even though it might sound weird. Do you enjoy growing venus fly traps? Do you think that reptiles are the most amazing pets in the world? Keep an open mind. There might be a chance that you will not end up the right one but meeting like-minded individuals is not bad either.

Avoid spreading bad vibes

Don’t use negative words such as hate and despise in your profile. Don’t share your pet peeves or the people whom you don’t like to apply to your profile. Some might argue that it is best to filter all the potential matches initially since it would be a waste of time to entertain possible candidates when it turns out, they annoy you a lot in the long run. However, one should remember that many matches and relationships don’t work out despite their compatibility score. Dating would take time and effort mostly. No shortcuts.

Don’t swipe on weekends


Weekends are usually the peak time for the apps’ usage. The incidence of drunk-swiping and bored-swiping happens during those days. The point for avoiding these apps on weekends is that an attractive person who is happily single and full of interests doesn’t sit on Saturday afternoon looking for matches on a mobile application. It sends a message that you don’t have anything interesting to do in your free time.

Save the artsy moody images for Instagram

For online dating, it is best to go for the bright and happy aura that gives off positive vibes. The person’s decision to swipe right is not solely based on attractiveness but rather to the feeling you exude in your profile picture. The dimly lit and brooding images are best shown on your Instagram platform.