School reunions are fun and exciting. Memories are revisited and shared by all. The only peril in attending school reunions is to meet once again that particular person that almost occupied your whole life before you moved on and had separate lives – the one that got away. How will you be able to handle this situation? Read on.

Perhaps the reason that you want to attend the school reunion was to see everybody else from your school – how have they been doing so far? How many got married and had a family; got divorced; who is successful, who’s a “loser,” and so on? But the most anticipated event is to see your first love, your first kiss, the person that ruled your world, but apparently, it did not work out for the both of you. Try to remember the following tips so that you will not put yourself in hot water later on.

Consider your present statuses


Are you both single now? If yes, there are chances that you may find again an opportunity to get involved in an intimate relationship. Are you both married or in a relationship right now? The more that you have to avoid any instances of trying to rekindling the experience. There are some incidents reported that attending school reunions ended up in illicit affairs. In as much that you miss seeing each other, please avoid all the possibilities of engaging yourselves in an illicit relationship.

Do not look or ask for the person

You are there not for this particular person ALONE! The reunion is going to be attended by the rest of your classmates who shared awesome memories with you. Trying to look for your ex-, may ignite a sudden curiosity from others that you are still interested. No matter how you explained the circumstance of you asking; they will always stick to the thought that you are still on it. So, it’s better just to let things happen, enjoy the event with other relevant persons.

Finally, you see each other. Now what?

This is perhaps the most awkward feeling in the world. You may be jumping for joy or steaming with anger (maybe because you had a rough split-up), then again, the mixed emotions that you are at the moment can send you to endless possibilities. How you handle the situation and the manner you react is the key to what’s going to happen in the next couple of hours. Be civil in maintaining a decent conversation. Don’t try to make a scene by pointing out his or her faults before or trying to bring back your ill-fated memories.  Re-connect by asking what his or current life situation – job, family, interests is. From there, you can branch out and talk anything else, aside from your past lives together.


School reunions are reminders of our past lives. It is good to revisit them once in a while as this can do wonders for the soul and relationships. Just be mindful that sometimes, attending school reunions can also damage our present relationships and its best to be reminded that we can do things that can prevent these from happening.


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