Intimacy is very important in a relationship, but sometimes because of our crazy schedules in life and career, we become so busy that we begin to lose touch with our loved ones, especially with our partners.

When there is no intimacy in a relationship, the relationship suffers. The two people involved feel so far from each other, the connection that ought to be there isn’t, and there is just this feeling of disconnection between the both of them.

With intimacy, there is this sense of connection, the knowledge that someone knows you totally in every area, and still loves you regardless. Intimacy involves being vulnerable with your partner and just leaving yourself bare for them to see all that you are and hoping it doesn’t chase them away.

Intimacy is more than just talking or having sex. It’s about having a connection long after the hot and sweaty sex is over. It’s an emotional bond that doesn’t need constant sex to strengthen it.

Relationships that lack intimacy are at risk of crashing quickly. Here are some tips to improve the intimacy in your relationship or reconnect with your partner.



Talk about past experiences: Talking to each other, communication is an essential ingredient for boosting intimacy. You can share some of your past experiences with them. Talk about your childhood memories, your family, the exciting and not so exciting experiences you had before you met them. When you share these experiences with your partner, it inspires them to share theirs. It also helps them get an idea of who you are. It brings both of you closer because it gives them this feeling of knowing you.


Be vulnerable: Share something personal that you are insecure or sensitive about. Open up yourself to your partner, warts and all. Let them see all that you are. To get your partner to be vulnerable with you, you have to be willing to share your vulnerable side with them.


Listen to them talk about themselves: Don’t just talk about yourself. Allow them to talk about themselves too. Remove every distraction – drop your phone, switch off the television, lie on the bed or cuddle on the sofa, whichever you please – and just ask them to tell you things. Give them all your attention and actively listen to them. Your partner will feel important knowing at that point they have you all to themselves, and they would feel more comfortable just talking. Even if it’s just having a simple conversation, that simple conversation can lead to more questions and more sharing.


Tell them about the first time you knew you were in love with them. They will feel excited to know you still remember the moment you knew you were deeply in love with them. It creates an intimate moment when you tell them about that first time you looked at them, saw them clearly and finally realized you were in love. Your partner would definitely feel special and appreciated knowing that your memories of how and when you fell in love with them are still vivid in your mind.


Ask questions: You can turn this into a fun session. Visit There are 33 fun questions you can ask your partner about, or you can create your own personal fun questions to ask them. Questions about their decisions, their goals, the understanding of a successful relationship, their best meal, the best experience they have ever had. From asking these questions, the



answers can lead to other topics and then that’s the beginning of a real conversation. When people want to know things about us, we feel loved, we feel cherished, and that’s the same way your partner feels when you ask them questions about themselves.


Implement some of these tips in your relationship and experience a deeper bond with your partner.

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