What are the qualities you can think of that make up the right woman? Would she be as beautiful as a goddess, would her sexiness be incomparable or maybe would she be as intelligent as Einstein? What do you think?

Most guys are looking for their right woman, and truthfully most of these qualities don’t end up being there at all. It is hard to find the perfect match for themselves.

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Here are some qualities to know if she is right for you:

She is in love with you.

This is by far the first and most important quality. A woman who doesn’t love you isn’t right for you. Love is the foundation on which your relationship will be based. When a woman loves you, all she thinks about is making you happy. Your welfare becomes her priority. A woman who truly loves you will not let you go unless pushed to her limit.

She makes you happy, and her happiness is important to you,

Does she make you happy? Is her happiness essential to your happiness? When you love someone, their happiness becomes your priority. She comes up with ways to make you happy because she wants you to be happy. You also find it difficult to be happy when she is unhappy. If that’s the case, then she may be your Mrs. Right.

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She is genuinely interested in every aspect of your life.

She should be interested in every detail of your life, even the littlest one. She asks questions about your entire life, family, career, business. You see that she is honestly interested in your answers not just asking to show politeness. She truly and honestly cares about your replies. She wants to know about your career, your family, your dreams and your goals.

She motivates you to be a better person.

Her presence in your life just makes you want to work more on yourself and to be a better person. She brings out the best in you, motivates you, drives you to achieve your dreams and gets really excited when you achieve your goals.

She is not afraid to call you out when you are wrong.

The right woman will not be afraid to tell you when you are about or have made a stupid decision. She corrects you with love because she wants to bring out the best in you. She doesn’t pretend just to make you feel good about yourself. She calls you out and tells you as it is. Even more, she is still willing to stand by you regardless of your mistakes.

You feel comfortable with her.

With her, you can open up and be your real self. You do not have to fake anything to make her like you more. You can let your guard down when you are with her. No pretense. You can tell her things, you can share everything with her without being afraid of being judged because she has seen you, flaws and all and she stayed.

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She respects you.

Respect is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship. If she doesn’t respect you, treats you less than you deserve and makes you feel worthless, then she isn’t the one. If she isn’t respectful to others, then she isn’t respectful, so watch her closely.

You see yourself making plans with her in it.

When you see yourself making plans for the future with her in it, then maybe she is Mrs. Right. Each time you make plans, you can’t imagine her not in it. Your plans somehow revolve around her because you put her into consideration when making decisions.

When you find the right woman, I like to believe that in your heart you will know. There are no fast or laid down rules to know the one. She might not tick all your boxes, but she has enough of the qualities you desire, then she is a keeper. Remember that healthy relationships take work and you may need to exert extra effort to your relationship to make it successful.

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