There are so many minor and major infractions that can destroy a relationship. Maybe one partner is too busy for the other, or one has the inability to remember important dates or is lying and cheating. Or worse, a vicious habit that one is keeping from another and actually needs recovery from addiction.  Most of these issues could have been solved by listening to your partner and understanding their needs.

Communication is one of the most important ingredients for a successful relationship. With communication, it’s easy for couples to resolve their conflicts and talk about their desires. When there is a breakdown in communication between couples, there tends to be misunderstandings and abundance of unresolved conflicts.

Lack of communication in a relationship can hinder the growth of that relationship. It can increase the rate of unnecessary arguments that sometimes lead to pain and resentments. Not being able to talk to your partner can lead to a lot of negative emotions in the relationship. You begin to feel incompatible and frustrated like they are not even trying to listen or understand you.

When you don’t speak to each other often, you begin to keep certain things from them whether knowingly or unknowingly. You get used to not talking about things with them. Then, you begin to see the less need to share certain things with them. Before you know it, from hiding minor things, you begin hiding major things.


Poor communication in your relationship can bring about the misunderstanding. When you don’t meet the expectations of your partner, this maybe because they hadn’t laid out these expectations. On the other hand, this maybe because you were not listening when they talked about it, which can lead to misunderstandings.

Not communicating effectively in your relationship can bring about negative emotions. Emotions like anger, fear, and pain. Verbal anger may be easier to handle as you can hear and feel the emotions. You are better able to resolve any underlying issue with communication. On the other hand, feelings that are bottled up can turn to resentment or bitterness. This could lead to hatred and inadvertently, a breakup.


How to communicate effectively with your partner in your relationship?

Healthy relationships are built on effective communication. Being open, trusting your partner and letting them know early enough about issues that arise before they turn into major conflicts that can lead to arguments. Here are some tips to communicate effectively with your partner.

Learn to share your experiences with your partner no matter how minor.

Be willing to share some of the events that happened to you. Talk about your day.Tell them any exciting thing that happened to you. Sharing your day to day experiences with your partner brings them closer to you. It makes them feel like they were part of the event. It can also help them know your routine.

Know the right time to bring up an issue.

Know the right time to bring up any issue affecting you. Find a time when your partner is not tired, distracted or maybe in a hurry. You could decide to schedule a time when everyone is relaxed and calm to have any discussion you might want to have.

Face to face communication is better.

Avoid having important discussions through texting or chatting. Sometimes, messages can be misinterpreted, and someone may end up being defensive, and nothing gets resolved. Important discussions should be face to face, where both partners can see each other. This way, verbal and nonverbal gestures can be well interpreted.

Learn to listen carefully to your partner.

When your partner is speaking to you, listen carefully. Ask questions in areas you didn’t understand. If there is any need to disagree with whatever they are saying, disagree politely. Wait for them to finish speaking then express your disagreement. Avoid cutting them short when they are speaking.

Be as honest as possible.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. But, that doesn’t mean we should hide it. Let your partner know everything that needs to be known so they can make the required decision.

Healthy communication keeps a relationship strong. With effective communication, there comes better understanding. Effective communication is not born out of the efforts of one person but the two people in the relationship. Couples should strive to find different ways to communicate with each other to avoid conflicts and resentments.

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