When two people have been together for, say, five years or more, it would seem as if nothing can ever break their bond and anything that they go through, they can overcome. After all, what’s left unturned after five years of togetherness, right?

Yet it might be surprising to know that in most long-term relationships, couples are still not immune to arguments and fights and misunderstandings. As they find reasons to continue loving each other, so are there a lot of reasons to fall apart and fail, despite the length of the relationship.

But how are long term relationships different from the short term ones? Is it really more special or is length all just a number of years that can easily be won over by ‘love at first sights?’ When a long-term relationship is struggling and on the brink of failing, is it really worth saving? Here are some questions to ask to determine whether or not your relationship with your long-time partner is worth thinking over – before finally deciding to call it quits.

Questions to Ask

  1. Where is your relationship built around?

A strong relationship is built on trust, openness, commitment and respect. When these walls make up the foundation of your relationship, it is difficult to put it to waste just like that. Relationships that are strengthened by these elements are composed of two people who truly love each other and deserve to be fought for. They should try as best they can to overcome the challenges of their failing relationship because they might never find something that they have now.

  1. Have you always been effectively communicating?



In all relationships – new and old – communication is key. Small arguments rarely get big if couples only learn to talk about what’s bothering them, or what’s keeping them from doing what they’re supposed to do. If your partner is busy, he could show his thoughtfulness through calls or text messages, and you can do the same as well, just to keep the communication lines open.

Talking about your day is one way of knowing more about your partner and what they are like in the workplace or with their families. When there is communication, couples are encouraged to tell each other how they feel about certain things and be honest with each other.

  1. Do you still enjoy each other’s company?

When you’ve been together for years, you run out of things to do and the relationship may sometimes feel dry and boring. Find new activities to do for both of you and determine if you still are willing to exert effort in trying to have fun with each other.


  1. Do you feel like you’ll lose your best friend if you lose your partner?

When things are rough between you and your partner, take time out to be alone so you can think about how much loss it is if you break up with him/her – or if you feel that it’s not a loss after all. Couples who have successfully been together for a long time would attest that they feel they have found their best friend for life in their partners, that their relationship is not only cultivated around love but also in the friendship that they share.

If you feel like you’re losing the one person that you can trust and open your heart out to, then you better hold on to your partner.

If It’s All Worth It 



These are only a few questions you can ask yourself when you and your partner are on the verge of falling apart from each other. In the end, new and old relationships should always be treasured and breakups always thought twice before deciding to throw it away. If the relationship is worth saving, do not be afraid to take the risk of loving your partner. Enjoy the good times and stick around during the bad times, and you’re on your way to forever.


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