How to Maintain A Happy Long Distance Relationship


When I learned that Kevin will be assigned in Singapore for 3 years because he needs to set up a new office for their company, I felt my heart stopped for 15 minutes until I digested the whole thing. OMG! I don’t know if we can make this happen – our relationship to be in this “situation”. These are the sentiments of individuals whose relationship started online, and those that started in person.

Numerous accounts have reported that couples in a long distance relationship do not last long. Factors like distance, time zone difference, varied activities that each partner are involved in, and the possibility of meeting someone new are all linked to the separation.

How do you maintain a happy long distance relationship? Will it really work? This article will discuss five elusive tips on how can you and your partner make it happen

Plan together on how to communicate with each other

The moment you know that the two of you will be separated for a long period of time, try to establish an acceptable pattern of communication that will exist between the two of you for the whole duration. This would mean that no extra text or chat messages while at work or you can have a “weekend date” via a social media or communication app and barter stories about your whole week. You can say “Good morning, Sweetheart! Hope you will have a wonderful day ahead”, or sending a text message like “How’s your day?”. This would show that you are thinking of your partner’s well being the whole day without being needy and sticky to the relationship.

Never over communicate! Sending a random text message like “Thinking of you” is sweet, but be extra careful not to disturb your partner while he/she is at work or demanding a reply immediately whenever you text him/her.



Respect each other’s personal time

This is the right opportunity to focus on yourself. When you were together, you do things as a couple and basically, all are centered on the two of you. There were only a few instances that maybe you thought about yourself because you feel that you have a responsibility to the relationship. Take a trip to the salon or enroll in a yoga class. Pamper and care for yourself. Surprise your partner of things that transform in you while he/she is away.

Enjoy being “single” but avoid temptations that can ruin the relationship

Go out with your friends or spend time with your relatives. But also, always think about your partner and avoid any disastrous situations that might fall into an illicit relationship. There are some people who engage in communicating with others online like chat rooms, thinking that it’s harmless. Getting into a new relationship because of the “I was lonely” or “You were never there at all” reasons are just defense mechanisms to justify yourself of your mistakes.


Try to visit each other

If the partner is out of the country and visiting will entail a huge amount of money, maybe it’s time for you save up and surprise your partner some day. Or you can both plan for a vacation and spend this time together. You will also get the chance to know his/her living condition, the place of work, friends, places he/she frequents and etc.

Stay honest with each other

Lastly, commit that both of you will work hard to make the relationship work. Remember, just like any other relationship, it will need the efforts of both partners to make the long distance relationship successful.

For sure, this will only be temporary. Have patience, and when the time comes that the two of you are together again, you will be surprised that you can surpass any loneliness or hurdles in the near future that your relationship will encounter.