Newborn Hacks For Mommy And Daddy 

After taking care of your baby inside you for nine months, more or less, it is now time for your little creature to experience the real world. If you are a first-time mom or dad, you probably enrolled in all the possible prenatal classes there are around your area so that you can be fully prepared when this special time has come.  




However, despite all those lessons you took, you can never be fully prepared for this new challenge. Aside from the baby itself, balancing your relationship with your partner will also be quite a challenge since it is now time to grow up and be adults. Goodbye to the honeymoon phase you have been trying to hold onto forever. The time has come to face the nappies, breastfeeding and sleepless nights. 


We know that being first-time parents is tough, so we prepared these newborn hacks for you to try and save you from never-ending suffering amidst the excitement and happiness of having a newborn baby. 


Crying Is Your Baby’s Way Of Communication 

Hearing your crying baby can make you panic instantly. However, remember, newborns still do not know how to talk. Hence, you have to interpret their crying. There are only a handful reasons why your baby is crying. Your baby might be irritated from a wet or dirty nappy, feeling warm or cold, needs a winding, or most likely hungry.  Check each of these reasons and easily cross out the ones you already checked. 




Just like your baby communicating, as a new mommy and daddy, both of you should also talk efficiently. If mommy needs a short break from all the breastfeeding and the crying, maybe she can ask for daddy’s help to do the winding or changing of nappies. Talking to each other and expressing your concerns will avoid the tiresome blaming game and arguing. The more energy you will have for your newborn. 


Newborn Babies Can Only Focus On Objects 15 Inches Away 

Since the newborn still hasn’t developed the sensory system completely, your baby can only focus on limited stimuli at a time. While breastfeeding, make sure you talk to your baby since it is the perfect time for your baby to recognize your voice and your face.  


Also, ask daddy to do baby talks mainly that he does not have that frequently needed interaction just like from breastfeeding. Better yet, you can ask daddy to wind your baby after breastfeeding because they are slightly better at it. Men are naturally heavy-handed, so it is easier for them to wind the baby. 


Baby Is Life, But You Still Need A Date Night 

Now that little one is sharing his or her life with mommy and daddy; it might seem impossible to have alone time together. As a mother, you might feel that you have to be there with your baby all the time. Moreover, as a father, you might feel that you always have to be on standby to support in taking care of the baby. 




However, you still need to have romantic alone time together as a couple. It does not have to be grand every time. You can take a thirty-minute break for some ice cream. Just drop off your baby to your parents. Pretty sure they would take care of their grandkid. Plus, it will also serve a bonding among your newborn and your parents. 


These are just three of the many newborn hacks you can try. Regardless, you will be awesome parents no matter what. Just follow your instinct and all things will go well as they flow.