Would you be willing to go out on a date with someone you met online? Would you register on a dating website to find love? Do you think true love can be found through the internet?

In this age and time, when it has become so hard to meet new people maybe because of work, career or just life, online dating offers an easy way to meet new people. Online dating has created opportunities to meet diverse people where ordinarily there was none – you were just limited to your small circle.

Twenty years ago, just a few people in successful relationships had met online, but in recent times a lot of couples have met through the Internet.  Chances are that you know someone or are related to someone who met their partner on the internet or uses online dating services.

As with everything in life, experiences relating to online dating are mixed. There are those who have met their partners and have gone on to have happy relationships while there are those who have not been so lucky. Some people experienced terrible meet ups and if you ask them for their opinion, they would quickly dismiss the idea of online dating. That is not uncommon. Like every other form of dating, online dating has its benefits and drawbacks.

A Study on Online Dating

Finkel and Associates (2012) put together a study to look into the pros and cons of online dating. The aim was to find out whether online dating was different from normal dating and how superior online dating was compared to the traditional mode of dating.

In their study, they found out that online dating gives you access to more potential partners than you would find in your daily life. This can be quite helpful for those who have a small circle or who ordinarily, do not meet people as often as they want. This benefit could also turn to a bad thing because it can lead to confusion. When there are so many people to choose from, you tend to find it difficult to make a decision and you keep searching for the perfect one rather than starting a real relationship.


Most online dating sites offer to match you with other members on their site by using an app that apparently locates people who are compatible with you. This sounds like a good thing because it gives individuals an easier access to more prospects that might match their personality, but sometimes this may not always work out so well because the results might not be consistently accurate or people might enhance or hide some of their qualities online.

Online dating also gives you the opportunity to get to know your partner before the actual meeting. It offers convenient and safe ways to communicate with your partner without the inherent risk of having to meet a stranger for the first time. This is suitable for busy professionals who might not have the time to go on dates that will enable them to get to know their potential partners. The drawback is that there is coldness present in electronic chats, the lack of facial expressions, the touching present when talking to someone physically.  Communicating and getting to know someone through the web lacks the emotional aspect that face to face meetings possess. Interacting with someone physically is much livelier because of the presence of the person rather than having to make do with just pictures, videos and voice notes.

Making the most of your Online Dating experience

Online dating can be used as an avenue to meet new people. Decide what you want in your potential partner so that during online interactions, you can gauge their compatibility with your requirements. Do not lie on your profile. Be truthful about yourself, the same way you expect other users to be truthful to you. Avoid going on dates with people you are not attracted to. Be very picky. Learn to accept rejection, because you will be rejected and you will also reject others.


Online dating takes patience. It takes hard work to sift through the chaff to find the right person. It is also fun. You get to meet new people and long after the terrible experiences you might have, you get to realize that you have gathered hilarious stories to share with others. So have fun and enjoy your online dating experience!

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