How To Be On The Top Of Your Game In The Dating App World


Believe it or not, you can now hire someone who can help you with perfecting your tinder profiles and other dating platforms. She makes the process so much more comfortable for a person. She meets up with a potential client of her services. Ask questions and get to know them. After which, she will handle your account and does the nitty gritty stuff such as profile making, swiping and messaging until the first date.

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How To Handle Past Relationships From A School Reunion


School reunions are fun and exciting. Memories are revisited and shared by all. The only peril in attending school reunions is to meet once again that particular person that almost occupied your whole life before you moved on and had separate lives – the one that got away. How will you be able to handle this situation? Read on.

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Newborn Hacks For Mommy And Daddy 

After taking care of your baby inside you for nine months, more or less, it is now time for your little creature to experience the real world. If you are a first-time mom or dad, you probably enrolled in all the possible prenatal classes there are around your area so that you can be fully prepared when this special time has come.  



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Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 2


As promised, here is Part 2 of Teaching Your Teen About Dating. The first part of this topic was about three lessons which involved lesson one, dating basics within your family or which is acceptable for everyone; lesson two was about preparing before a date, and lesson three was learning about the proper behavior of a teen during the date.

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Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 1



As your kid grows older, he or she will form new relationships with his or her peers. They will eventually explore the world of dating and the next thing you know, they are already in love. Do not be worried when the time comes for as early as now, while they are still teens, you can teach them all about dating.

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Love Yourself So That Others Will See Your Worth


I was forty-five years old and 190pounds, with two boys to look after while my husband, looking like a million bucks, was philandering. To make it short, he dumped me. He left me for a 26-year-old blonde salesgirl. I really don’t know what it is with blonde women. They can easily capture the weak hearts (and groins) of insecure middle-aged men. My sister had the same problem since her husband’s mistress is a blonde University student. He even pays for her college tuition.

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How I Met My Boyfriend – Online Dating Tips And More


I met my boyfriend, Adam, in a dating app. At first, I was hesitant to use it because of all the scary stuff that you hear about “weirdos” and “jerkboys” in these free social connection sites. But my friend advised me to get a membership and pay the monthly dues. It is highly likely that I find someone with a credit card (meaning he has work) since he will be using it to pay for the monthly fee, as well.

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How You Can Make Online Dating Work For You


These days, digital technology is utilized for almost anything. From shopping, studying, seeking a psychologist to talk with, and even to finding a date. It’s been years since online dating became popular, and I bet that just like me, there came the point in your life when you’ve tried it too!

One fact about finding a date online is that it may not work for some, but for others it does. But if you think about it, so does the normal type of dating, right? It doesn’t work for everybody. So why not try it out and perhaps tweak some stuff on your online profile. Let’s see if things are going to go your way when you make your second, third, or nth attempt!


Be Truthful

Being truthful is probably one of the most vital things that you want to do. Don’t over or even under-describe yourself on your profile. A lot of people can distinguish a liar from someone who’s not. Hiding what you have materially for personal reasons can make a pass, but lying about the life you’ve had and what you are now is a no-no. Eventually, your inconsistencies will get the better of you. Just be truthful about who you are from the very beginning.

Make It Short But Sweet

Don’t write a very long and over-descriptive profile. Whoever it is that likes your photo and plans to know more about you must do so at first glance. If you wrote a personal description that’s 1000 words or more, most online visitors will surely just pass on you without bothering to finish reading. To them, you were just another probable candidate who didn’t make it to their list. So keep in mind that short, sweet, and concise is the way to go for written descriptions. They’ll be more interested and curious to discover more about who you are.

Be Original

All types of people, even the unauthentic ones, are undeniably attracted to individuals who know how to be original. Of course, we all want someone who is not fond of imitating other people, right? You will always have something to say without following other people’s posts. For example, just because it’s popular, you don’t have to write ‘life is a box of chocolates.’ It’s okay to write ‘working my ass off because I’m a go-getter.’ Say what you want and how you feel. It’s true; it’s catchy and very effective.


Choose Sociable And Relatable Hobbies

Let’s face it. Anyone who joins a social network wants to socialize or else why would he be there? If someone tells you they’re not there for socialization purposes, then mark an X on your mental list. He’s not being truthful. Additionally, when you’re writing down your hobbies, choose those that are associated with socializing, like traveling and making new friends or watching movies, not playing spirit of the glass or having me time with the devil, or else online dating will most likely not work for you.

Take Time To Edit

Typos or incorrect grammar and tense choices may be a turnoff for someone who is a book or movie lover. And besides, it would be sad to think that your childhood crush may have been interested in you if not for the typo you didn’t get to correct. I know this may sound exaggerating but in reality, there are people who just so challenging to impress. So only because you don’t want to have regrets, remember to edit before finally posting your online profile.

Don’t Be Vague

Being vague about yourself online may reflect negatively on your personality. Be someone precise and vivid even in the things that you like. For instance, don’t say ‘I like chilling’ or ‘I love the outdoors.’ Why don’t you say ‘I love rock climbing and hiking’ or ‘I am a beach lover?’ Be more specific so that your online viewers will know whether or not they will pursue you.

Update And Stay In The Game

It is important to keep your online viewers updated of your profile. If you took a recent photo that’s way better than what you posted, then go ahead and change it. It’s okay as long as you don’t sound narcissistic and post a full update about how awesome you look. Also, it would be nice if you update your hobbies and interests. That way, you want to do something new every once in a while.


Reply As Soon As You Can

Lastly, I cannot stress this enough. If you’re really into finding someone for real online, then please reply as soon as possible. Check your account every day for new viewers and new messages. Show them that you’re not just visible because everybody else is. Be online regularly, so others will know that you care and you deserve a chance. Good luck!




Why Good Relationship Becomes Bad


There are lots of pain and struggles when you are in a romantic relationship. There are chances when it’s not going your way; you’ll develop a sense of self-hate. There’s too much pressure, anxiety, and toxicity to handle. It makes you overthink about things. Sometimes, it even makes you feel bad about yourself and often ends up in depression and isolation. There are worse cases that the relationship causes devastation and exhaustion. You often feel dependent on it that it ruins your mental and emotional function. There are tons of underlying reasons why romantic relationships go wrong. These include cheating, resentment, dishonesty, and distrust. All of these stuff buildups can potentially become a massive conflict in the long run.

How You Often Look At Relationships

Certainly, there are several relationships out there that may seem to end early. However, due to some reasons, some couples want to stick around, live with it, and try their best to make things work. That’s even if against all the odds. Perhaps it’s your relationship that feels like crumbling, and you sacrificed a lot already. Maybe it’s because of the mindset you have that “relationship” is one of the essential things in the world. That if you can perhaps make it work, there will be an assurance of happiness. Though that is quite acceptable, it’s not always the case.


I’m not saying that having a relationship is not at all satisfying and life fulfilling, because it is. It brings excellent lessons that help you grow and develop into someone who you’re supposed to be. However, when there’s too much leaning on other human beings, when there’s too much dependency on what you think is the essential thing in living, you’ll get trapped in it. You’ll begin to wind up on the floor when that particular relationship is not going to sustain balance.

Leaning too heavily in the relationship will eventually lead to the computation of flaws. Meaning, there’s going to be an aim for perfection. That even though the other person who enters your life is also damaged, you’ll still demand something more than what he can offer. It’s sad that people assume their better half is going to be the one who will save them from despair. They often forget that perhaps that individual also needs someone in his life to complete him. The thing about relationship is it relies on “what you can offer” rather than “what you can give.” Not all, but most romantic relationships are selfish and unrealistic.

The Unthinkable

Often, people use long-term relationships as a validation of their capability. Some couples become too boastful when they think their relationship is better than others. They often look at themselves superior and knowledgeable compared to those who didn’t go through hundreds of ups and downs. Maybe that’s right. Perhaps you can agree to that. However, you should always have to remember that even if couples choose to stay together for more years, it is not a constant validation that they are growing and becoming a better version of themselves. That’s because, in a relationship, you don’t prove anything unless you can positively contribute something to yourself and let alone to your partner. You don’t assume that yours is way better than the others because everyone runs their lives differently.


Another reason why good relationships turn bad is due to too much expectation. A lot of people who are in a commitment for too long pretty much assume they already know their partners. But do they? The buildup of this kind of mentality is removing the essence of understanding and accepting each other’s unwanted characteristics. As a result, the couple’s differences become a valid reason for the relationship that didn’t work. The failed commitment will soon make people feel unworthy because the romantic relationship did not give them the expected feeling of worthiness.

Direct experiences in your life often get overshadowed by the things you want to believe. You often forget that the inescapable key to happiness is getting involved with the person that completes you. Yes, there’s going to be bumps and troubles on every relationship, but it will still end in a happily ever after. As long as you look at things in both ways, there’s always a better way of keeping it.