Have you decided that you’re ready to spend forever with your special someone? Are you already excited about planning date nights, shopping for groceries, and cuddling together on lazy days?


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Everybody wants that “happy ever after.” But truth be told, the road to forever is not that easy. More than just the ceremony or ink on paper, it is more important to be prepared for the life you will be sharing with your significant other.


Here are just some of the adjustments (and preparations) you have to make before your life changes 360 degrees.


  1. Patience Is Key

Like in all relationships, patience is one of the foundational values a couple must possess. Along with love, joy, and peace, patience allows the couple to trust one another, regardless of time and distance. Patience gives your future spouse enough room also to grow as your partner-for-life and parent-to-be.


Without patience, relationships somehow have an invisible ceiling (or limit) of until when one can stay with the other. You can easily spot personality problems with your partner, which you can justify as a reason for breaking up with the other. Having lots of patience enables you to broaden your thinking and rationalize every situation. Sometimes, it all boils down to your emotions and selfish desires.


  1. Wish For The Best, Expect The Worst

In marriage, you should prepare for all kinds of situations. Of course, you should remain optimistic that the best is yet to come. The typical adjustment period for couples is around ten years. Don’t worry if you still have a lot to iron out with your partner before that ten-year mark.


You are two separate individuals with individual tastes and preferences. Thus, there is still much to learn about the other. You will have to expect differences in food preference, sleeping habits, even bathroom etiquette! These are just all part of the process. In time, you will only get the hang of it.


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  1. Know (And Practice) Your Partner’s Love Language

As presented by Gary Chapman, five kinds of love languages exist. These are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Each person has a combination of these love languages. These love languages are what your partner would like to receive to feel loved.


For a successful marriage, you and your partner should be aware of your love languages. It will help you be more in tune with your partner’s desires and keep his/ her love tank full.


  1. Communicate Every Day

You may think that communicating every day is relatively easy, but in fact, it’s not. When you get the hang of each other, you more or less know what is going on in the mind of your partner. However, change is constant for all things in this world; the same goes for your partner. Thus, it is essential that a culture of communication between the two of you is cultivated and encouraged.


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Set aside time for talking with one another. It doesn’t have to be serious all the time. You may even talk about the silly stuff!


Remember that the road to forever entails hard work from both sides. They say that there is no perfect relationship, just two people working hard to understand the other.

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