Every couple has their own way of spending the day together. Whatever it is, it might be a little too routinely if that’s the only thing you keep doing with your partner when you’re out on a date. It would help to spice things up a bit sometimes. If you do, it ignites the spark and excitement between you two. The thought of “Oh! We are actually doing this together. Crazy!”

Here are the 3 WHY’s on why you should spice up your dating life every now and then:

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It definitely keeps things exciting.

Imagine eating in the same, old Chinese restaurant at the corner of your street every week or biking every morning at 5 and taking a rest on the bench in the middle of your trail. Don’t you think you should have been doing many other activities together instead of the “same old, same old” stuff? You can use your creativity once in a while and stray away from mainstays (like dinner and a movie). Doing such can change things up and keep the spark alive with your significant other. It doesn’t have to be totally expensive or unique. Just don’t go for the usual “stuff” you do. Instead, try a picnic date or a short trip to the museum. Play an unfamiliar sport like tennis or maybe brave a zipline! There are lots of date ideas you can explore so you can keep your relationship a bit more adventurous and exciting. You’d also be introduced to a different side which you haven’t seen from your lover before.

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It brings you closer together.

You’re dating for a year yet you don’t know that your partner is actually afraid of policemen. You just discovered it when you tried to be extra different and visited a horror escape game in town. Now, he or she is holding on to you for dear life and even shares how and why she or he became fearful of policemen. These are the little things that really count for your significant other. You now understand why this is a big deal and important that you understand this deepest secret better than anyone else. Of course, to be closer together doesn’t mean that you have push your partner to surrender their fears to you. Make sure you both agree with what you’re doing and where you’re going to avoid starting a fight. You don’t want your special date night to be ruined.

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It overwhelms you with why you love him or her so much.

If you’re totally not comfortable with the idea of sleeping with your partner, then don’t worry because no one’s forcing you. Some people are just more conservative than others. It’s definitely not a “problem.” Make sure you shower your partner with physical affections such as hugs and kisses. It would certainly feel extra warm to have someone show you their love. On the other hand, if you like keeping things intimate, Women on the Fence had a suggestion to “give your spouse (or partner) the power to please you sexually and otherwise.” If you agree, then don’t withhold pleasure on purpose, because lovemaking can actually propel you in an unusually good mood. Sometimes, this is the literal “spice” men or women are looking for in their relationship. Just make sure to use protection if you haven’t got the family planning thing going on.

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