Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 1

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As your kid grows older, he or she will form new relationships with his or her peers. They will eventually explore the world of dating and the next thing you know, they are already in love. Do not be worried when the time comes for as early as now, while they are still teens, you can teach them all about dating.

Teaching your child that dating can be fun is important. Let them feel that it is okay but to always know their limitations. Also, tell them the difference between dating around and getting into a serious relationship. This time is the best time to just enjoy a person’s company and not to rush with finding love. But who knows, right?

In this article, we will be helping you in teaching your teen about dating so you’ll know how to approach them, what to say and how this conversation can be something fun and memorable for your child.

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Lesson 1:  The Basics Of Dating

Establish all the ground rules for dating in your family. When can your child start dating? Is everybody in the family comfortable and willing to accept this new phase? Teach your child that dating is also part of social skills. They will eventually need to learn about dating but they should always enjoy the moment. This stage is where all experiences are new so just let the moment sink in and never rush dating.

Lesson 2: What To Do Before A Date

Preparing for a date could be a fun activity too. Let your kid decide on where they can go, what activities they want to do and how they clean themselves and prepare their best selves so they will always look presentable at all times. Most kids today ask their dates out through texts but it would be fun to do it the old fashioned way. Help your child plan for the most memorable date he/she will have in his/her teenage years.

Lesson 3: Proper Behavior On A Date

This is the time when you teach your kid how to properly act and behave during a date. They should always be polite and always act with grace. You can watch movie clips of TV shows that show the good and bad side of behaviors while on a date so they can understand what to do and what not to do. But always remind them to be comfortable, be themselves and have a good time.

source: pixabay.com

For now, we will close in Lesson 3 and then proceed with more lessons on Part 2 of Teaching Your Teen About Dating, which will follow shortly. Why do we have to do this? We need to teach our kids how to treat the people that they like with courtesy and respect. It will be the ways that they will bring with them as they grow up and go along with life.

Divorce is rapidly increasing which is why teaching our teens at this age on how to interact and communicate with the person that they like, they will learn values and keep it in mind. In a way, we are doing what we can to lessen the possibility of them divorcing in the future.