Teaching Your Teen About Dating – Part 2

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As promised, here is Part 2 of Teaching Your Teen About Dating. The first part of this topic was about three lessons which involved lesson one, dating basics within your family or which is acceptable for everyone; lesson two was about preparing before a date, and lesson three was learning about the proper behavior of a teen during the date.

In this article, two lessons will be revealed, along with a conclusion on how to teach your teen about the whole dating process. The Verdict part if very important because it is how you will “grade” your teen on his or her performance. Yes, performance – your teen will have to take you out on a date as practice!

And so, moving on with the lessons.

Lesson 4: Practice With Your Teen

The best way for your kid to better understand all the lessons you taught your teen is through practicing them with you. You can be creative when you are practicing so you can point out some notes on how they are around a date. You can also have games that will make them remember the essential parts of the lessons you gave your teen.

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Lesson 5: Enact A Date

This activity is educational and at the same time, full of fun. You can enact a date, practice how they should act when they see their date, how to open up a conversation, and how to tell their dates they had a wonderful time. This is the part where you get to observe your child and see what else you can teach him or her about dating.

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The Verdict

Once you get to observe how your child behaves in a date and you have given pointers for him or her to review, then you can provide the final verdict to your child. If your child passes, point out what he or she did that you like so that your teen will remember those ways on their actual date. If your teen needs more practice, then make him, or she understands what they need to improve on more, and you can repeat your lessons together until they finally get it.

Remember that this is their first time, so being nervous is understandable. Make sure that they are fully prepared and ready for the first dates of their lives. By showing support, they will be more confident, and they will be likely to open up to you about their date afterward.

Make sure always to remind them that they are still young and there is a lot to learn about dating and relationships. They do not have to rush into anything. They only need to enjoy. This is the time where they get to do all of those, and by being there to guide them properly, you are assured that their first date will be a memorable one.

Always be there for them and help them prepare for their date. It will be a fun experience and a great story to tell in the future when they reminisce about their first dates and remember that their parents were there, supporting them with everything they need to get done up until the date itself.