Things People Learned From Speed Dating

A few years ago, a 2017 writers event where publishers, authors, agents, and editors gathered for the 2017 Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference. It is an avenue to meet people who share the same passion in writing, where they get to learn and acquire new skills, gather advice, and build connections. It is quite like going into speed dating and finding more than just romance after attending. Here are some things to learn:

It’s Not A Job Interview

When singles try out speed dating for the first time, they tend to overthink. They sometimes try to “practice” before the event. These people plan out what to say, how to react during a conversation, and have a general idea of how they want things to go.

However, when they do these things, they’re treating speed dating like a job interview. This kind of thinking is wrong. Presenting yourself as a partner should happen organically. People shouldn’t have to try to sell themselves like potential employees. If someone likes you, it should be because they feel naturally drawn to you.


It’ll Make You Less Picky

Outside of organized dating, most people will tend only to approach someone who’s their “type.” At speed dating events, however, you’ll be exposing yourself to people of different backgrounds, interests, and qualities.

Participants said that they were able to meet others whom they would have never met outside of a controlled environment. They said they became less picky of people they liked. It just shows that you never really know who you’re going to click with unless you talk to them. Your “type” may be the bookish, brooding guy in the corner, but you’ll be surprised when talking to the energetic jock.

You Might Find Love of a Different Type

Most people come to an event hoping to find romance and leave having found friendship instead. Participants reported that even though it didn’t work out romantically with those they met, they remained as good friends. Likewise, many female event-goers would exchange information with other women so they could stay in touch. Such an occurrence wasn’t likely to take place when it came to men.


What Speed Dating Can Teach Us

As it turns out, organized dating events have more benefits than we think. It teaches us that love is not a job interview, and we have to be ourselves. Moreover, we have to loosen up and learn to be less picky with potential partners. Lastly, romance isn’t the only thing we can gain. We can also form friendships with the people we meet.