Tips For Lovers Not Quarantined Together

When you go on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram l, or any other online platform, you will see videos and photos of couples who are on home quarantine. Husbands and wives cook and bake for each other; boyfriends and girlfriends have fun together. But no matter how good this isolation is for a lot of relationships, the media contents do not represent the reality that other couples need to face during these trying times.


If you dive deeper into the said platforms, it will become apparent that many couples are forced to stay apart because of the pandemic. Some cannot visit their infected partner at the hospital; others have gotten locked down at different places. For sure, they can FaceTime or Skype with each other, but the physical distance must be brutal.

Here are a few tips to help your relationship survive even after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Think Positive Thoughts
The first thing you should do is fill your head with positive thoughts. I know it is crazy—scary even—to think of possibly acquiring the coronavirus or working from home for months. Not having your better half nearby can make it even worse. However, you are not helping yourself or your loved one who is far away by thinking like this.

In case positive thoughts do not come naturally to you, I recommend listening to upbeat songs every day. Crank up your speaker volume as soon as you wake up and tune into feel-good music. The happy tunes can make you forget your worries for a little while.


You can also stay away from the news if that messes up your psyche. You already know not to leave the house until a specific time; watching the number of patients go up cannot be suitable for you.

Find Ways To Bond With Each Other
One of the many things that you can do with your partner despite your distance is starting a Netflix party. It practically means choosing one movie that you want to watch. Then, you install the Netflix Party app and hit the Play button so that both of you will see it. Even though you are not sitting or lying next to each other, you are still technically watching a movie together.

Another thing that I have seen some couples do is create Tik Tok videos for each other. Assuming you are unaware of it, Tik Tok is a video-sharing platform where people post random clips of them dancing, cooking, singing, dubbing, etc. Signing up to this channel can bring the goofiness out of you, which may have attracted your partner in the first place.

Do Something Sweet For Your Love
One celebrity news that I recently read about was that of Kristen Bell dancing outside of her husband Dax Shepard’s room with their two kids. At the time, the actor had to self-quarantine for 14 days after coming back from a trip. Seeing Kristen Bell do that in public shows how much she must care for her spouse.


Now, you may try pulling the same trick if your partner lives a few blocks from your place. But if you can’t, you can always have something delivered to their doorstep. E.g., their favorite food, home essentials, gifts, etc. Doing so can cheer them up, without a doubt.

Final Thoughts
I know you wish for this pandemic to end not only to have your old life back but also to see your special someone again. Unfortunately, not even the experts can tell how long we all need to remain quarantined to keep the coronavirus from spreading. To compensate for the lack of hugging and spending quality time with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, therefore, why don’t you try the tips above?