So you want to go on a date with the lady you’ve had a crush on, and you want to impress her.  You are looking for cool date ideas that will help you) leave her feeling excited.  You don’t have to rob a bank to take her on awesome dates. There are cheap creative date ideas that can excite her. Dinner dates and coffee dates seem dull and ordinary. Nobody wants boring activities anymore so why don’t you let your creative juices flow and think of adventurous date ideas for you and your date.

Here are some date ideas that will boost your chances of leaving her wowed.

  • Take her to the park: Remember how excited you used to get about going to the park when you were little? Going to the park might seem ordinary, but it is exciting. Take her on rides, scary or roller-coaster rides that will make her hold on to you. You guys can go on a walk in the park. Your conversation skills should be top-notch for this idea to work because you will have to talk during the walk. You can also play hide and seek with her. What better date idea than the one that helps you relive your childhood.
  • Take her to the Museum or an Art Gallery: Museums are fun to go to. Yes, sometimes they can be boring but there are some exciting museums that are interactive and have interesting artifacts. This idea involves a lot of research, to know the galleries worth visiting and maybe a little knowledge of the exhibition so you can impress your date.
  • Take her to a concert: Every person enjoys good music. From the conversations both of you might have had together, you should have a knowledge of her favorite musician or kind of music. It helps to avoid awkward conversations during the first date and the loud music might help fill that awkwardness and the chance of holding hands and smiling at each other. You can go for drinks or a walk afterward, and the events at the concert might serve as a good topic for discussion.
  • Go Bowling: The simplicity and cheapness of going bowling make it a perfect date idea. Bowling is fun, and there is less pressure to fill the silence with conversations. There is laughter especially if you both are good losers. There are bound to be mistakes from both sides and it gives you guys reason to laugh and have fun together. Every person is relaxed and comfortable during bowling, and that’s one thing you need to achieve on a date, being relaxed. It helps for easy flow of conversation.
  • Take her to the bookstore: If she loves books, what better place to take her than where her best things are kept. It would be exciting for her because you took her interest into consideration and took her to the one place she loves the most. You can read to each other. I bet she will find it sexy.
  • An Ice cream date: Most women love ice cream. Get a large ice cream and share it between the both of you. You’ll know someone’s personality by the topping of their choice, whether they’re adventurous or dramatic.
  • Go on a picnic: you can choose a quiet, beautiful place to take her on a picnic date. It gives you the opportunity to talk and get to know your partner. You can share your dreams, goals, aspirations, and fears with them. Sharing yours will motivate her to do the same and sharing intimate details has the potential of bringing about a connection.

Your options are unlimited. Think of more new and exciting date ideas, allow your imaginations to run wild. These are a few of them but feel free to add yours.

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