It’s 2018 and yet, dozens and dozens of men are still complaining about not knowing what women really want. If you’re one of those asking, the answer to your seemingly undying question can be found mostly… on Twitter. Yes, you read that right, Twitter. Start looking here to have an idea of what we’re about to go into.

Why Twitter?

It’s the ideal space for women who are fond of dropping less-than-subtle hints for their significant others via the retweet function. It announces them associating themselves with something they find pleasing, without explicitly stating their wants.


Probably to the detriment of men everywhere, however, it’s also where women get ideas of what they think they should be looking for in men. Before we give our advice, let’s first break down some of the top Relationship Goals posts and why you should take notice:


Travel With Me

We can thank Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman for popularizing the concept of a Bucket List for millennials everywhere to enjoy. Young adults are obsessed with the idea of living life to the fullest, and what’s usually at the top of that list is to travel.


When it comes to girls, it comes as no surprise that the travel buddy they dream to have one day would be the man of their dreams too. Although these fantasies are usually the extravagant type of travel, the secret is that girls simply want new experiences. That’s something we’re sure men can get creative with.


Spoil Me

We have the entire idea of Relationship Goals to blame for this. We all love receiving gifts, right? I mean, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… The catch, however, is that girls want to receive gifts all the time now.


Seeing pictures of dinner dates, thoughtful gifts, whether during an occasion or just a random gesture has set an entirely new standard for men everywhere. Something helpful to note is that women like the idea of spontaneity more than they do the actual gifts.


You can give her small, inexpensive gifts often, rather than extravagant gifts seldom, and we can bet she’ll be happier with you.


Show Me Off

It helps her to know that you’re always thinking about her. It also gives her peace of mind that she doesn’t need to worry about other girls flirting with you. It’s a sort of security for her that she’s your one and only and that you aren’t trying to hide it.


She wants you to show her off because she wants to know that you’re proud to have her and that you basically adore her. A self-esteem booster is what it is, especially since many girls admit to struggling with this. Have a photo of her everywhere, but she’ll likely not explicitly tell you to do so.


Make Me Your 24/7

Bottomline is talking to her all day every day, and let her know when you can’t. Girls will always downplay this, but they expect you to constantly communicate. Why? Because ‘communication is key’ is what they all say.


Although it means talking things out when things get rough, more women still take things in the literal sense. She probably just loves the idea of talking to you so much that she wants to talk to you as much as she can. Also, don’t forget to tell her why you can’t respond, and you should be fine!


Grand Gestures

We like to believe that every girl out there would love a grand gesture, at least twice in their lives. There will be girls that will say they’re not into that, but we highly doubt it. Grand gestures are usually seen as directly proportional to how much a guy loves a girl.


She’ll think, “He loves me this much to want to do this for me,” and that’s fair for her to think. We’re not saying that you should do it all the time, but she does appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Especially if it has puppies involved!

So yes, these are a few things people categorize as relationship goals, but we still can’t generalize. There are tons and tons of girls out there with different personalities and tastes, the same way there are thousands of guys with different preferences and styles.


Social media is a huge reason why there seems to be a ‘type’ or ‘ideal’ and we hope we’ve shown you that it doesn’t have to be the cause of your depression or single life because you could learn a thing or two from it. (You can also go to BetterHelp for more information.)


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